During extreme weather events, the roof is one of the most vulnerable areas of a structure !

Hey carport man!

 ​​​​​ ​​​​Our customer Shannon sent us this photo on the day after a small tornado that hit the school in Moore, OK 2015  She was thinking us for building her family a quality carport that withstood that tornado and some very high winds that was right next door.Just look at the house that is next door in the picture above...  The roof of the house is completely ripped off by the tornado and is gone.  All of the windows where blown out and the house was a total loss, It had to be demolished.


ABC has built our unpitiable reputation on building some of most advanced high quality carport canopy structures within the industry. We can build of custom canopies structures out of steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass and polycarbonate building materials in a verity of different design, shapes in sizes. 

Craftsmanship without Compromise!

Picture perfect - 20 x 20ft attached single sloped design 12" wide x 3- inch high flat pan all aluminum carport canopy using

2- 7 inch C beams and 4 - lock seam steel post and 2- 4" down spouts. This Carport was still under construction when the El- Reno tornado went across the South side of OKC and near the Will Rogers Airport. With several trees that had been blown down and  took down several power line poles and doing major damage in the area. Built near  S.W. 89th /May area.  

We have been building extraordinary structures for well over three decades and since 1982 and where still going...

When your ready to do build then let us know so we can talk about what your building requirements might be and

w​hat your different options you have  when building any type of carport or any other type of canopy structure.

NEWSolar​ Carports-  Today we can use a very thin-film flexible solar modules that can be installed over low-load-capacity roofs that prove challenging for conventional crystalline solar panels and rack systems because the carport roofs can’t support the added weight. They where not designed and built to add any addition weight. ​Today’s flexible modules use a factory-applied butyl-based self-adhesive. Installed with this simple peel-and-stick adhesive, flexible modules become an integrated part of the roof system and have the same wind uplift and seismic performance characteristics of the roof system itself. We no longer have to deal with solar racks to assemble, ballast to carry and place, or leak-causing roof penetrations, Todays peel-and-stick thin-film modules are the simplest, fastest and lowest labor cost rooftop solar solution.

A 20 x 24 ft attached Cable roof style Red Cedar carport addition with a comp shingled roof to match the existing house structure. The inside ceilings where finished out and closed in. The exposed wood has treated and been weather sealed. Built in N.W OKC 

Carports are used cover various different vehicles such as:

* Trailers
* Boats
* Vans
* Cars
* Trucks
* Cycles
* RV's
* Motor Coaches
* Mobile Homes
* Semi Tractor & Trailers

​​We do not sale any of those "fake" dangerous and flimsy portable type of "blow-a-way" or so called temporary carports that you see on street corners and sold by road side vendors every where and all over the internet. Most of them where made just to cover the hay out in a field from getting wet not for use to cover any type of vehicle. Most do not meet any structure code requirement at all and they get away with selling them  by calling them portable or temporary structure. 

Their are always difference costs associated with the use of different building materials that changes all the time so we have meet to try to get on the same page with your project upfront and moving forward. That require us to meet in person and go over what your like to have built. 

​​​​​Advanced carport structure - 20 ft projection x 30 ft wide attached 3" inch thick aluminum clad structural insulated panel carport canopy. Framing is using 2- 30 ft 10" high aluminum I-beams and 6 - 4" sq extruded aluminum poles. Canopy trimed with a Santa - Fe style aluminum trim package. Made entirely out of aluminum, including the support systems, Aluminum materials are superior to wood, iron, steel covers because you do not have to fight the rust or have any ongoing maintenance issues. Since built this carport has been hit by hail several times and it still looks great today.

​​High Quality ​​Custom Built Carport Canopies

What is NEW... The ULITMATE in extruded aluminum moving pivoting slat carport canopy which is heavy duty and powder coated to protect it slats which can open and close and allow any amount of sun light in, or keep out. You at  in control! The canopy top can also have a optional retractable sliding roof as well. The system can be solar powered and operated from your smartphone app.  This would make a very nice patio cover as well.See our patio cover web site for more information about this state of the art movable slat canopy systems.

​​​​​​​​​​​​We use a wide range and various different building products that are available made of different thicknesses and grades which all has their limitations of which they should be used to safely handle various open spans.

We offer heavy gauged red iron steel or a upgraded  galvanized steel as well as all of the aluminum metal options. There numerous different options to consider. Their are numerous different type of pole options and beams that are available. In the canopy covering materials we also offer numerous different options to consider such as rolled formed multi-rib profile 3 ft wide flat panels, extruded rolled formed 8" or 12" flat pans or W- pans and also structure insulated foam panels (SIPs) that are all available in various different thicknesses and skin types. The Metal may not appear to be very much difference but there is a huge difference of how it will the products may perform under any weather related stress conditions.    


​​​​​​Good, live load, wind and seismic performance engineering is very important to any carport design ! 

A Car-port or RV ​covering is a large canopy structure consisting of two separate sections:

1 - Is structure frame and poles that does all the heavy lifting.

 2 - The canopy covering or top that is attached to the framing members and provides the shelter and shade for a vehicle which is parked beneath it. There are different types of designs when designing a canopy structure frames and there are numerous different type of canopy top coverings with various different material thickness and color options.

The Midwest region has some really unique weather conditions. Besides our sizzling hot summer season. Oklahoma can get server strong and wicked thunder storms that can produce heavy rains, large hail, abnormally high and vary damaging winds drafts and even a tornados. Be perpared... 

An attached rolled formed 20 x 20ft attached 26ga steel 12" wide x 3inch flat pan with full boxed framed gutter system that is .050 aluminum and 2- 4 inch downspouts. Frame is using 2 -7" extruded aluminum beams and 4 - 3x3" painted lock seam steel poles which two of them on the ground into cement pears and two surfaced mounted to the existing drive way surface. Located in N.W. OKC

Look what we been busy building... 

 First is a 20' x 20' attached steel 12" x 3" flat pan with over sized 10" C beams and the Santa-fe pergola trim package in N.W. OKC. The second is a 21' x 16' ft attached steel carport with larger over sized 1.25 aluminum beams with over sized 4 inch aluminum poles in Bethany, OK.  The Third is a 20 'x 20' attached flat pan with 7" inch C beams and 4- 3" lock seam steel poles built in N.W. OKC near Britton and Penn.   

For more information fill out our contact page or call us at: 405-246-6821 or email us at: ​Info@abetter


​When building any type of outdoor canopy structure with our unique Oklahoma weather conditions, wind and live loads must be taken into consideration. Any and all of building material has there limitations of what they should be used for and there are various deferent thicknesses and types of building materials used to construct any one buiding structure depending on the structures unique applications. The taller the canopy structures might be the more up load wind drafts the structure are going to get under the canopy structure want to take flight or even come a apart. The heavier the canopy frame must be built to withstand these unique weather conditions. Most parts of the country might see 35 mph wind loads. Here we might 80 mph winds loads or higher. What works in one part of the country may not work here. 

We custom build carport structure out of the following materials which are available in several different grades and thickness.

* Aluminum

* Steel

* Wood

* Wood Composites

* Polycarbonate

* Fiberglass

The best looking carport ever! An attached cable style wood canopy structure with a 4/12 roof pitch. Notice that the frame is a full open span canopy with only 2 columns.  It takes some heavier beams and framing to build like that. Built in N.W. OKC 

Rest assured knowing we have more than 3 decades worth of satisfied customers !

Real cedar wood rustic "pergola  style" carport - 

24 ft project x 22 ft wide with  6"x6" cedar poles and heavy cedar beam timbers. Using a 26 ga steel rolled canopy top panels. Custom cut rafter tales and false rafter ends on front with knee braces on poles. Wood is stained & sealed and the carport is good to go! Built in N.W OKC       

​Your vehicle(s) or RVs is something that probably took you a long time to save up to purchase. In fact, you may still be paying for it and there would be nothing worse than having it damage due to a hail storm. We all want to keep our vehicle(s) in tip-top shape to resell them at the highest price possible.

Carports of Oklahoma

by A Better Construction Co.

A ​20 x 20ft 26ga steel rolled formed W-Pan canopy that is the new "wheat" color canopybuiltover  2 - aluminum 10" C beams and using 4 - 3 x 3 cloverleaf 18 ga locked seam poles and 2- 4" down spouts. Beam and poles (frame) are all  bronze in color.  Built in N.W. OKC near Baptist Hospital   

Carports of Oklahoma offers real carport canopy solutions for year round protection from snow and ice during winter season,  from rain and hail damage during spring season. from the harmful sun's rays and the sizzling hot heat during summer season, from the all the stuff that can fall from the trees in the fall season that can damage your vehicles finish!  Get year round protection!

Remember that building code requirement is a

minimum building code requirement.

The customer may want to use a heavier building components in there own structure.

Carports are the best alternative to a garage for these reasons:

• Provide more ventilation
• Occupy less space
• Readily expandable
• Cost much less
• Easily maintained
• Neat
• Durable 
* Provides protection

* Adds value to your property

Be prepared and protect you vehicle investment(s). Don't let Mother Nature damage or wreak your vehicle(s) and ruin its resale or trade-in value or even worse turn your vehicle(s)into nothing more then salvage or a junk titled vehicle. You worked hard for what you got,  so keep it protected !

​​​​​​​20ft x 20ft two car rolled formed all aluminum 12" wide x 3" high flat pan carport structure that istwo toned in its colors. The outside canopy guttering and downspouts and its poles are dark brown and its flat pans are Ivory in color. We used 10" high .125 or 1/8" thick aluminum C beams that are also Ivory in color to meet the higher wind load requirements at least 125 mph in Moore, OK. This size and type of carport structure is engineered, stamped and approved by the manufacture to excessed 140 mph wind loads. We can provide the documents needed to get an approved carport building permits in Moore. OK


Carports of Oklahoma can provide you with the option of either a freestanding carport or an attached canopy structures. We are familiar with designing and building all types of permanent carport canopy structures of all types. You have several different building options to consider.  

​​​​Risky Business- You wouldn't let your plumber have a go at your electrical system would you?  So why would you let just anyone build your structural canopy system. We see all types of landscapers, gutter guys, retired fire fighters and jacks or hacks of all trades that just part time

our business. We see other companies that do not do there own installations and "sub contract it out to anyone. Most of time these hacks are just here today and gone tomorrow types that do not have a clue and they are doing nor how to squire any structure. When a structure is way out of squire or is not in plum the framing member will not do the job to which they where engineered to do in the first place, plus it will looks funny. The installer should be able to tell that there is something wrong and they are way off before skinning the framed out structure. A structural system is not just something that you want to put into anyone to build for you. They might just jack up something that is real sketchy at best. You don't want to be a crash test dummy!

An all aluminum rolled formed 24' x 24' ft stand a lone canopy that is not attached to the house. Using 12" wide aluminum flat pan canopy top with a rolled formed aluminum built in guttering fascia trim. All the way around canopy guttering system and 2- 4" aluminum downspouts. The under frame structure is using 3 - 7" inch high 1/8 inch thick aluminum I-beams that are a dark bronze in color. And using 6 - 4" inch 1/8 inch thick extruded aluminum poles to handle the high wind loads that are core drilled into the existing cement driveway. Top canopy is all gray (clay) in color to match the house colors. Built in Bridge Creek.   

We are your local experienced carport canopy experts !

​​​​​​​Larger commercial carports,  

We build them !

With our severe weather and damaging hail.  A carport is no longer a luxury item,  It is a necessity to protect your investments! 

Carports of Oklahoma  is your local source and full service specialty contractor/builder of custom built high quality carports and canopy structures of all types and designs for residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

When the winds come swiping down the southern plains, Oklahoma's weather is not like any other place on earth!

Residential construction is unlike most commercial projects in that we don't have professional services or a design professional or architect consultant in most cases. With most residential projects we must to take the time to personally consult with each of clients on your own projects, providing installation insight to your personal preferences and  building requirements for your own municipality as each city has there own unique building code requirements that can change without notice.    

Carports of Oklahoma delivers various different types of custom fabricated canopy structures from various different types of building materials all of different sizes and thickness. All of our carport canopies are custom built to order to protect there vehicle investments from rain, hail, snow, ice and blistering summer heat.


A - ​20 x 20ft attached two car aluminum cladded 3-inch foam core Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) carport canopy that has been trimmed out with a Santa-Fe style trim package with a aluminum false pergola rafter tails ends.  Frame is using 2 - 10 inch 1/8" thick extruded aluminum C beams with 4 - 3" extruded aluminum poles and a hidden gutter system.  This advanced carport was built in Pauls Valley, OK  

FYI before you bye!  Within the world of Steel the lower the gauge number the thicker the materials are so 18ga steel is thinner product then a 12ga steel product. But within the Aluminum world it is just the opponent and the higher the gauge the thicker the material are so a .032 aluminum is a thicker building material then just a .019 aluminum product. Be fully aware of what your purchasing because there are dealers out here that sale some real thin skinned

products that will ding up in just a small hail stone storm. Also the heavier the poles and the beams are the higher the wind and snow loads the structure can withstand.

Got Hail?  Is your vehicle sizzling hot and baking its finish right off?  Tried of running for cover every time a storm is coming? Did you get a newer vehicle or RV? Is your garage full of stuff? Is all types of stuff falling from the trees?Don't wait until it is too late!  

Design / Build / Contractor

Today, there are numerous and various different types of building materials used in the framing and the canopy covering of any type of outdoor canopy structure. We custom build because there isn't just one type, one size, one design or style that fits all applications. Each and every canopy project is different and that has to be determined before a prices can be given for any project. We have to visit at the project site first and talk to the customer to know how what they are wanting to know what it is going to take to get the canopy project completed as designed and agreed. Most of our structures are completely finished and painted for a nicer looking completed finished structure that are going to add to your property value instead of taking away from it.

Deal directly with the builders and cut out the middle mans high overhead and huge product mark ups as well as there sales commissions. When it coms to a quality carport structure, We got you covered!

​​Visit our other web sites at: www.abetterconstructionco.com



If your vehicle is currently stored outside and is exposed to the weather elements, we suggest investigating the possibility of purchasing a custom built carport canopy structure to protect your  valuable vehicle investment(s). The key word here is being custom built as opposed to something that comes in a box because there are numerous different types of building materials used the carport construction today.