Oklahoma has some really unique weather conditions. Besides our sizzling hot summer season. Oklahoma can get server strong thunder storms that can produce heavy rains, large hail, abnormally high winds and damaging wind drafts and even a tornados. 

Got Hail?  Is your car sizzling hot? Is stuff falling from the trees ruining your cars finish? Tried of running for cover? Did you get a new vehicle or RV that you want to protect?Don't wait until it is too late!Get your rides protected!

Within the commercial construction world most of the time there are plans to follow that specs out what is to be built with what types of materials designed by an industry professional or architect. In the residential world most of the time there isn't a plans so we must have a meeting of minds on your project and its materials to be used or our own plan project between us all before forward or we plan to fail.    

We have been building extraordinary structures for well over three decades and since 1982 and where still going...

Deal directly with the builders and cut out the middle mans high mark up and there commissions.

Your vehicle(s) or RVs is something that probably took you a long time to save up to purchase. In fact, you may still be paying for them and there would be nothing worse than having it damage due to a hail storm. We all want to keep our vehicle(s) in tip-top shape to resell them at the highest price possible. If your vehicle is currently stored outside and exposed to the weather elements, we suggest investigating the possibility of purchasing a custom built carport canopy structure to protect your investment(s). The key word being custom built because there are numerous different types of building materials used in carport construction today.

Where not just your typical run of the mill everyday carport builders. We are framers by trade that have been building all types of extraordinary structures for well over three decades. We are in it for the long haul and not for any short term gains. We don't sell just any type of canopy structures like you see for sale all over the internet. Before you spend your hard earned money on just any carport contact us. It is our experience that we can offer a far superior value for your money. Before you put money down It is always best to check with your local authorities have jurisdiction before as most municipalities and may have a building permits. 

Any and all structures should be strong enough to withstand climate and weather conditions unique to the area in which we live within. Unfortunately there are a lot of companies that fall way to short and market and sale those cheap flimsy portable canopy structures.  They don't build anything and there just brokers and they sell those blow-a-way pieces of crap. We don't and will never will stoop to that low level or just sell just anything to make a buck. If we can't build it right then we won't.

We custom build canopy structure that are designed and engineered for the purpose they are intended. Any building material has its own limitations of which they should be used so there are various deferent thicknesses and types of building materials used to construct any one structure. As a matter of fact there just isn't one type, one size, one design or "cookie cutter" type of canopy structure  that fits all applications so we custom build.  

Our vehicles are normally our second largest investment that we make. ​Protect your vehicle(s) investment(s) from the damaging sun rays and hail that can ruin your cars finish and devalue your vehicle investment. With the prices of vehicles today you should protect your investment with a carport by Carports of Oklahoma.

Beat the sizzling summer heat !

When it comes to any type of canopy, we got you covered !

We also build Patio Covers!

Carports of Oklahoma  is your local source and full service specialty contractor/builder of custom built high quality carport canopy structures of all types and designs for residential, commercial and industrial application. 

​There are always cost difference associated with the use of different building materials so instead of running back and forth and all over the place we are try to get on the same page with your project upfront. In the steel world the lower the gauge number the thicker the material are. Within the aluminum world it is just the opponent and the higher the gauge the thicker the material are.

What do you want your carport structure to look like?  Lets talk carports...



ABC has built our unpitiable reputation on building some of most advanced high quality carport canopy structures within the industry. We can build of custom canopies structures out of steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass and polycarbonate building materials in a verity of different design, shapes in sizes. Unlike most commercial project that we are sure to use the services of a design professional or architect. Most residential project we have to take the time to personally consult with each of clients on your own projects, providing installation insight to your personal preferences and requirements.   

Carport of Oklahoma provides various different types of custom fabricated carport canopy structures from various different types of building materials of different sizes and thickness. All of the carport canopies are custom built to order by the customer to protect there vehicles from rain, hail, snow, ice and blistering summer heat.

Carports offer protection from snow and ice during winter; and from rains and hail damage during spring as well as the harmful sun's rays and the sizzling hot heat during summer that can damage tour vehicles finish!

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Today, there are numerous and various different types of building materials used in framing and the canopy covering of any type of outdoor canopy structure. There isn't a one type, size design or style that fits all applications so we custom build. Each and every canopy project is different and that has to be determined before a prices can be giving for any one project. We have to visit at the project site first and talk to the customer to know how what they are wanting to know what it is going to take to get the canopy project completed as designed and agreed. Most of out structures are completely finished and painted for a nicer looking completed structure in the end. We only to offer various different products that are going to add to your property value and not take away from it. The best compliment from any customer is for them tell us that is what they was wanted.

Carports are the best alternative to a garage for these reasons:

• Provide more ventilation
• Occupy less space
• Readily expandable
• Cost much less
• Easily maintained
• Neat
• Durable 
* Provides protection

* Adds value to your property

Craftsmanship without Compromise!

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When the winds come swiping down the plains, Oklahoma's weather is not like any other place on earth. When your building any type of outside canopy structure with our unique weather conditions all must be taken into consideration before building just anything. The taller the canopy structures might be the more wind are going to get up under the canopy structure and the heavier the canopy frame must be built to withstand the weather elements. 

A Car port or RV ​covering is a large canopy structure consisting of two separate sections:

1 - Is structure frame and poles that does all the heavy lifting.

 2 - The canopy covering or top that is attached to the framing members and provides the shelter and shade for a vehicle which is parked beneath it. There are different types of designs when designing a canopy structure frames and there are numerous different type of canopy top coverings with various different material thickness and color options.

Carports are used cover various different vehicles such as:

* Trailers
* Boats
* Vans
* Cars
* Trucks
* Cycles
* RV's
* Motor Coaches
* Mobile Homes
* Semi Tractor & Trailers

We custom build carport structure out of the following materials which are available in several different grades and thickness.

* Aluminum

* Steel

* Wood

* Wood Composites

* Polycarbonate

* Fiberglass

Carports of Oklahoma

by A Better Construction Co.


Carports of Oklahoma can provide you with the option as either a freestanding carport or an attached canopy structures. We are familiar with designing and building all types of permanent carport canopy structures of all types. You have several different building options to consider.  

​​​​​​​​We use a wide range and various different building products that are available made of different thicknesses and grades which all has there limitation of which they should be used to safely handle various open spans and different winds and snow loads. 

In metal and wood we offer different types sizes thickness of the beams and poles depending on the size of the structure. We offer red iron and galvanized steel options and aluminum and there numerous different color options to consider. Poles there are numerous different decorate pole options and wraps that are available. In the canopy covering materials we also offer numerous different options to consider such as rolled formed corrugated flat panels, rolled formed flat pans, W- pans and also structure insulated panels (SIPs) that are all available in various different thicknesses. Metal may not appear to be very much difference in there appearance but there is a huge difference of how will the products may perform under stress or during a hail storm.

Our experience has taught us that there are some things you should not cut corners or skimp on.  


High Quality ​​Custom Built Carport Canopies