Carports of Oklahoma
We are not your typical run of the mill carport, canopy & awning providers.... 

Consistent exposure to weather, water and UV rays gradually damages the surface of a vehicles.

Cars trying to take cover under and Gas Station canopy from the hail storms. Got Hail?

We are a group uniquely qualified metal specialty fabricators, carpenters, contractors, builders that is cross trained in both stick, timber and metal framing trade disciplines.

We are also know as Shade Solutions
of Oklahoma that designs and b
uilds and offers all types of innovative patio covers, canopies, awnings, arbors, pergolas, pavilions of all types for any residential, commercial or industrial applications. 
Shade structures with elegant style!
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15ft deep x 24ft wide insulated panel carport with 4inch sq poles and 8 inch Galvanized C-beams in Bethany, OK  

It's a sad fact, but in the freestanding carport industry, most of the units you see won't even meet the most basic building codes.  Most insurance companies won't pay a claim for storm damage caused by building collapse if the building was not installed in accordance with local building codes.  See our portable carport section below.



A 12ftX35ft Lean too style 3-inch insulated panel with pergola style trim in N.W OKC 

Providing assured value and
versatility in framing construction for almost any types of metal, wood, ploy structures.

35ft Wide X 30ft Deep 10ft high - heavy duty - 8" 11ga galvanized steel frame with 4"sq poles core drilled into concrete surface. Multi-rib Steel panel. Single slope design carport. built for the owners of the under ground house in El Reno, OK

Types of products provided:

Exterior Framing
Car ports / Carports
RV Shelters
Truck / Bus Covers
Equipment Canopies
Patio Covers
Porte Cocheres
Sun Shelters
Sports Shelters
Transit Shelters
Walkway Covers
Insulated Covers
Insulated Rooms
Pool Canopies
Carousel Houses
Entryway Covers
Extruded Covers
Window Awnings
Step Down Awnings
Door Awnings
Outdoor Kitchen Covers
Door Canopies
Dock Covers
Metal Buildings
Metal Roofing
Storage Buildings
Equestrian Buildings
Loafing Sheds
Pole Barns
Post Frame
Custom Buildings
Aircraft Hangers
Green Houses
Boat Dock Buildings
Shade Structures
Structural Shade Panels
Sail Awnings
Rolling Shutters
Security Shutters
Exterior Shutters
Outdoor Structures
Backyard Structures
Screen Rooms
Sun Rooms
Pool Enclosures
Patio Enclosures
Retail Shopping Centers
Industrial Manufacturing
Agricultural Building
Job Site Buildings
Dog Kennels
Prefabricated Buildings
Site Built Buildings
Security Products
Air Conditioner Cages 
Generator Cages
Mobile Home Roof -Overs Insulation
Under Deck Drainage
Deck Railings
Walkway Bridges
Bikes Cages
Solar Racks
Solar Car Ports
Solar Canopy
Flat Pans
W Pans
Safety Railings

A Two Toned Black & Ivory colored 12'X20'ft Single sloped designed attached aluminum flat pan carport with black G guttering trim and poles with Ivory color flat pans and Ivory colored 7 inch color aluminum C beams between the black poles.

Services Provided but not limited to:

Building Permits
Product Delivery

The only difference between an awning and a canopy is that a canopy has support legs and awning uses hangers or struts for its support.

FYI - Before you buy -

Make sure you know what you are getting for your money. 

Canopy Style

Frame Type

Panel Type

Frame Color

Panel Color



Building  Codes

Community Regulation


All structural steel metal components are NOT Created Equal !

All metal building components may seem to be the same, but they are definitely not.  Smart metal buyers know what they are getting for their hard-earned money, and that less expensive metal is usually less expensive for a reason.


The metal thickness determines the panel's rigidity and strength. The higher the decimal number, the thicker the material.

  29 gauge 26 gauge
Prime 0.015" min 0.0185" min
Thrifty 0.0142" nom 0.018" nom

The difference between a .0142 nom and a .015 min equates to 210 pounds more metal on a 40-square roof.

PANEL PROFILES OR TYPES OF PANEL COVERINGS  the metal panels are used to cover the metal frames and are available in several different shapes and sizes. The metal comes in a form of a large rolls and is ran though a series of rollers that custom makes the finished product designs.

It used to simple as only a couple of profiles where mostly used on most projects.


Today numerous types of various types of roof multi ribbed roofing panels. Various different manufactures use there own different types of various roofing / wall panel profiles so there are hundreds of different types of profiles being used today.    

R- Panel, U-Panel, M-Panel, Corrugated Panel, AG Panel, CF Panel, AP Panel, 4 inch Rib Panel, N-Deck, Standing Seam, Locking Seam, Duralock and several more different profiles. Different suppliers has different profile options as these panels are custom built to spec building materials. It is always best to know where your building panels came form if your trying to match them.  

Shelter for your car, truck, RV or boat from rain, hail, snow, and blistering heat. Single car or a multi-car carports of any size and shapes are available. Not only do carports protect from sun, but also from storm damage, especially hail. Prevent dents and damage to your windshield, and avoid the bureaucracy of insurance claims, all with a brand new carport for your vehicle.

Deal directly with the builder /contractor and bypass any middle-mans mark-up in there expensive overhead and sale commissions. 

ABC works with all types of architects, designers, builders, contractors and other trade professionals ! 

Providing all types shelter from the heat, sun, wind, rain, hail. ice & snow for almost any type of applications. 



A 20ft wide X 20ft deep 3 inch insulated panel carport with basic trim option installed at N.E. OKC

Some projects require more... more imagination, more attention to detail, more skillful execution so ABC has partnered with some of the finest manufacturers of
Carports, Patio Covers and Pergolas for most types of applications.
We have partnered with some of the best outdoor structural manufactures and providers in the business.

A 20ft wide X 20ft deep two 8ft tall attached tone color aluminum flat pan carport installed in N.W. OKC

We are skilled framing carpenters that has a passion for building and installing outdoor structures.

20ft wide X 24 ft long cable style carport attached rustic cedar wood carport add-on built in N.W. OKC  

Most carport dealers only offer those flimsy portable pre-fabricated canopy options but you can always explore your options for a custom canopy built option !  

Hail damaged on a newer SUV in OKC 

City of Moore, OK Building Code has been Updated: The first city that recently adopted a building code that calls for more resistance and resilience in a tornado prone area is Moore, OK.

On average, 50 tornadoes hit OK each year between March and August. Over 95% of those are EF0, EF1 or EF2 in strength. The stronger storms and tornadoes are normally more deadly and devastating to the towns and communities in their path. The newer building standards in Moore, OK calls for structures to withstand 135 mph wind loads.

Storms rated at EF3, EF4 or EF5 would still damage buildings, but the building code provisions are at least better than what Moore had before. The resiliency from this new code is focused on the resistance of homes to weaker storms and also resiliency of homes in the peripheral areas of the stronger tornadoes.

What this means is that all carports that are built in Moore OK. All if its under framing structures poles and beams must be much heavier then ever before. You can not build the old standard of UL 90 wind loads like before and you must build to the newer UL135 higher standards of today. All carports must in installed in a approved cement pier.

WARRANTYLimited 24 month Structural Support Your Carport or Patio Cover is warranted against failure of any structural components. This includes: beams, roof bracing and ceiling joists. This warranty is good for 24 months from date of completion. Limited 24 month Craftsman Warranty-  Your Canopy Cover is warranted to be free from defects in materials, and workmanship for a period of 24 months from date of completion. Workmanship includes: poorly cut joints, loose materials, generally materials not installed to specifications. Material defects include: excessive warping or crooked lumber, etc. *This warranty does not cover damage caused by external forces. In addition, this warranty is for the original purchaser only and is not transferable. Seller and or builder only warrants to Buyer that the goods to be delivered hereunder will be free from defects in material, workmanship and title, and will be of the kind and quality designated or described herein or a period of Two (2) years.


Seller assumes no liability for any injury resulting from misuse or abuse of the materials. Materials that are fabricated or products that are manufactured by Seller are made at the Buyer's request and per the Buyer's specifications where Buyer agrees to hold harmless Seller from product liability

Not responsible for any project delays:
  Seller and or builders shall not be liable for nonperformance or delays in performance or delivery due to causes beyond the reasonable control of Seller including, without limitation, such causes as weather, war, riots, insurrection, fire, flood or other casualties, labor disturbances or disruptions, acts or defaults of suppliers or carriers, unavailability of material or supplies, or governmental rules or regulations

Carports of Oklahoma by A Better Construction Company 
is your local full service specialty contractor / builder that custom designs and fabricates steel, aluminum, wood & polycarbonate car-port canopies in a verity of shapes in sizes 
Deluxe High Quality carport and RV Canopies

Spring season is here and it time protect your vehicle investment(s) from the extreme weather conditions! In Oklahoma that means heavy thunder storms with tornados and hail that hit most of Oklahoma on 3/25/15...   

We live in middle of a Hail Core Region of the US  and in Tornado ally...  Three of the past four years we have major hail storm events. 
Protect your investments... 


Residential & Commercial Carports - 
provides shelter from rain, hail, snow, ice and blistering heat. Canopies, buildings and awnings are custom fabricated on site to suit your wants and needs. 
Carports of Oklahoma
can provide you with that option as either a freestanding carport or an attached canopy structure. We
are familiar with designing and building permanent carport structures of all types within the central region of Oklahoma to withstand our harsh weather conditions. 

Year round protection is available at a reasonable prices !

Picture Perfect - A 20'x20'ft 
Flat pan carport canopy survived 120 mph straight line winds while still under construction. The carport was 3/4 of the way completed when we had to leave it because the approaching storms. Located around the SW 89th and May area of OKC. The 06/2013 El Reno tornado storms had numerous tornados within it and had blew over utility poles and several trees and also damaged many roofs in the area. Customers were without power for several days but we finished the project.

Carports of Oklahoma provides residential and commercial carports and there related installation services in and around the Central Region of Oklahoma - no matter what the size of your carport project, we have the expertise to fit your specific outdoor framing requirements. Our carports are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and options. 

We are staffed by experienced and skilled craftsmen's who will work with you to ensure that you don't just purchase a carport, but that you get what you really want and need - a high quality carport system that is custom tailored to your own project needs and requirements. 

We invite you, read more about your many custom canopy options !

A carport is a canopy structure consisting of a structure frame with a canopy covering top that is attached to the frame and provides a shelter and shade for a vehicle which is parked beneath it such as:

* Trailers
* Boats
* Vans
* Cars
* Trucks
* Cycles
* RV's
* Motor Coaches
* Mobile Homes
* Semi Tractor & Trailers

Today, there are numerous and various different types of building materials used in framing and building any type of outdoor canopy structure. There isn't a one type, size or style that fits all applications. In fact there are no two custom carports that are the same. Every canopy project is different and that has to be determined before any prices can be giving for any one project. We have visit the project site first and talk to the customers to know how to build and what it is going to take to get the canopy project completed as agreed. Carports are the best alternative to a garage for these reasons:

• Provide more ventilation
• Occupy less space
• Readily expandable
• Cost less
• Easily maintained
• Neat
• Durable
* Provides protection

Tired of running to the nearest canopy for cover every time there is a storm coming your way?  

Permanent Carport Structures - are made from larger and heavier wooden or metal (Steel, Aluminum) building components for a reason. They are structurally engineered for use in a building designed to meet existing building code requirements. Any permanent structure can be attached to most existing structures or can be a standalone structure and must be attached to or anchored into cement pears. Permanent structures are safer, sturdier and longer lasting over time and during harsh weather conditions. Permanent structures is the only way to go. See Portable structures below. 

Each canopy system must consist of a frame system and its pole members a well as its top canopy covering and its related trim and accessories.  

20ft wide X 20ft deep X 7.5ft tall attached 6 inch red iron steel Cee beam and purlin carport with side and front beam trim and 3" inch squire poles that have been painted. Installed in NW OKC.

Structured Steel Carports - Cee & I - Beams & Purlins - There are many size options in metal beams including varying depths, gauges web and flange widths, all of which contribute to the engineering of the joist and its structural load capacity. Depending on the span of the beams and the load requirements Cold rolled steel comes in various sizes, shapes, and can be fabricated into several different styles to fit any type of configuration and can be design need engineered to meet various building codes requirements. 

Structural Red Iron (Steel) -
Not all Steel carports are created equal!  Before you spend your hard earned money on just anyone carport structure you should insist on one custom built by Carports of Oklahoma.

Ridged Red Iron / Steel carports are available in several gauge thickness and sizes. Steel is stronger then aluminum and provide a great options for many of our customers canopy frame requirement. A variety of C & I Beams, Purlin, Channel, Angle, Zee, Struts, Hat Channel, Tubing, Studs & Track  and poles along with various carport covering and trim panels.   

Cee Beam & Purlin carport canopy
full boxed frames are the best and
can be custom built to any style, size and standards for use as a carport or patio canopy structures.    

Also referred to as Structural Steel, Red Steel / Red Iron
and Cold Rolled steel the top canopy can be covered with any type panels of your choosing and color options.

Heavy duty structured steel oversized 2 car carport 25'ft wide X 20'ft projection carport canopy using 8" high C-Beam & Purlins with 4" squire steel poles for its frame structure, Using a steel low profile multi-ribbed canopy top cover and side trim panel covering with its gutter and downspouts. These customers wanted a strong carport structure because as they had a pervious experience with a lighter carports structure in there past that made a lot of noise while in higher wind weather events.        

Standard RED OXCIDE premiered coated structural steel components is used within numerous carport and metal building applications which may also be painted with additional services provided. The Red Oxcide Premier Paint is a temporary sealer paint on the steel products to help prevent rust for short period of time. The metal can be painted or the steel can be put though a additional galvanized hot dipped process which is referred to as galvanized steel and is available in various sizes and gauges.
Structural Steel is also available in a GALVANIZED Hot Dipped Coated Finish.. Various canopy designs, styles and roof designs can be constructed using various structural steel building materials. Different material gauges or thicknesses are available depending on the required canopies size and shapes from 25 gauges down to the thicker 11 gauged building materials.

Benefits: Structural STEEL framing offers many benefits Rover wood framing, including - consistent dimensions, resulting in straighter and stronger roofs, walls and floors - superior strength, allowing for longer open roof spans and taller walls. - noncombustible assemblies. - galvanized coating (no rusting, shrinking, warping, rotting, splitting or termite damage) and uses screw as opposed to nails.

Prefabricated roof trusses are available in Red Oxide or Galvanized metal options for any cable or hip type of roof structures.

Galvanized Steel Carport Canopies - See our Special Sale Prices above. Just like any "Red Steel or Red Iron" structural steel component but has been hot dipped galvanized are used to build a more maintenance free weather resistant frame. The galvanized steel frame are silver in color that is very similar in color to a galvanized chain link fencing but the steel has been put though a additional coating process to help prevent rusting and making the need to paint the frame virtually non-existent even in the long run. Galvanized steel is the best, especially when the trusses are exposed to the weather. Plus, I think the silver in color of the frame makes for a cleaner and nicer fit & finished structural steel carport frame.

A 20ft wide X 20ft deep X 7,5 ft tall free standing single slope designed "galvanized steel" frame & 3 inch squire galvanized poles carport canopy structure with a low rib profile steel roofing panels and side/front beam trim. 

Multi-Ribbed Galvalume Roof Panels - Rolled formed Steel canopy coverings -

These Galvalume roof panels are used in various residential. commercial and industrial roof and wall siding-roofing applications and Metal buildings and various canopy structure applications.
The look of the multi-rib covering panel provides is used in many pre-engineered metal building applications.The 36"-wide panel is attached with self-drilling, stainless steel fasteners. Standard lengths are 10' or 20' 25 or 30ft lengths, but can be produced to any custom sizes up to 45' length and are available in various profiles designs. The thickness of these panels are available in different thickness such as 29 or 26 gauges thickness. C
olor coating options and normally come with a 25 - 40 year color warranty. 

All colors are approximate

Pitched Carport Roof Design Roof - Carport of OK offers all types of flat as well as pitched type of carport structure designs. Our parent company A Better Construction dba Old Pro Framing has been framing industry since the company inception back in 1982 and offers all types of pitched roof structures designs made of wood or metal such as Red or Galvanized steel and Aluminum framing in various sizes and thicknesses. We also offer truss frame structures in a cable or hip roof designs. 

20ft wide X 20ft deep X 7.5ft tall aluminum flat pan 2-Car carport canopy with an attached 14ft x 21ft X 10ft high aluminum fat pan RV canopy cover that is attached.    

Welded or screwed together frames - Most carports canopies are screwed together -  All steel frame canopy structures welded as an additional welded service option.

Oklahoma unique weather conditions: Besides our sizzling heat. Oklahoma can get some really mean, strong and angry, server thunder storms. These storms can produce heavy rains, abnormally high winds and damaging updrafts and tornados. We also get large damaging hail stones and snow and ice. Ever heard of Thunder sleet ? When the wind come swiping down the plains, Oklahoma is not like any other place on earth. When you go building any outside canopy structure our unique weather conditions must be considered. The higher the canopy the more winds it is going to get.  

Got a nice vehicle and your garage is full of your stuff you can't part with? Get a Carport to protect your vehicle investment.

Don't get confused by any bent "tubular" galvanized steel carport frames as opposed to a much heavier and stronger Cee Beam & Purlin boxed frame structures... 


Aluminum Carports 
Aluminum is a non-corrosive building material which has a high strength to weight ratio. These qualities make it attractive, weather proof and option and it does not RUST. or decay The non-corrosive nature of the metal enhances the beauty of the carport preventing it from decaying over the years and will look the same as day one. As a light weight and durable material, aluminum can be a great alternative to any other building material. Features, colors, and styles have evolved over the years to give the consumers many options and choices. There are numerous designs and styles of a aluminum carport canopy structures and we use for different aluminum canopy building materials. Rolled formed aluminum pans (flat & w-pans) and the heavier extruded aluminum panels as well as the aluminum clad structural insulated panels (SIPs) panels are is available in various sizes and color options.  
COO uses three different interlocking aluminum canopy pans. The rolled forms of the Flat-pans and W-pans being the lighter weight and more economical priced aluminum panel option. Then the heavier and thicker heavy duty extruded aluminum pans are also available. Each pan system components are locked together to form a very nice looking There are various forms of pan styles, designs and thickness and they all can make a attractive aluminum canopy structure.solid canopy top system that is then screwed into some type of canopy frame structure. We also build with the aluminum cladded structural insulated panels (SIPS) that can make an attractive canopy options and will not allow the transfer of the heat though the canopy. Some aluminum canopy option can come in a pre-engineered structure but most are custom fabricated and constructed using our proven building construction disciplines and techniques.    

2 -Tone color 20'X20'ft all aluminum flat pan carport with bark brown gutter trim and poles and Ivory color pans and a 10 inch Ivory color beams built 03/2014 in Moore, OK   
RV & Motor Coach Canopies - Any motorhome & RV is a valuable investment and keeping it in good condition means ensuring protection from harsh weather conditions. Also the sun and tree debris can ruin the RV expensive exterior finish. We offer high quality metal in various roof styles and sizes. We are sure to have carports to fit your boat, car, motor coach, vehicle, camper, equipment, RV or travel trailers. The larger and the higher any canopy structure has to be built up in the air the more wind loads it is going to have to take. In Oklahoma we get some really violent high winds loads due to our stronger thunder storms that can cause abnormally high wind drafts and wind shears loads on any canopy structure. Especially during a thunder storm event in Oklahoma. 

T6061 extruded aluminum RV Cable style carport structure.

We can custom design and build a canopy cover to serve any purpose you might need. You will be pleased to find that our car covers or RV shade structures will fit even the tallest boat, motor coach, fifth wheel and tractors.

The longer the canopy projection, the wider open span, or the higher the canopy structure must be, the heavy the frame and the canopy materials should be to withstand the higher wind loads. We now have Cities such as Moore, OK  that has now passed building codes of a 130 mph wind load requirements. 

Any time you go putting a canopy structure up into the air the stronger the design has to be....    

Freestanding Carports -
substantial number of customers want their carport canopy structure to be a freestanding or stand on it own. At Carport of OK we a build almost any type of carport structure to the customers wants and needs. Most freestanding structures may require more building components such as poles and beams versa the attached carports structures. We always recommend a full boxed frame structure.   

Pergola Style - Cedar wood 6X6 poles. 3 - car
30ftX20ft X10ft structure with a 26 gauge metal canopy top recently built in Newalla, OK after the recent tornado which came though and leveled the house in Newalla. OK

Wood Carports -
 Carport of OK
offers custom wood stick and timber frame wooden carports installations of all shapes and sizes which can be attached to a existing roofline or makes a great freestanding carport structure. Not all customers looking for a carport are interested in a metal carport structure. There is nothing like the look of a nice traditional rustic cedar or red wood carport structure. Wooden Carports can provide the customers an option to paint or stain their carport to blend with their home. Some people might like to extend the roof from there house to use as a carport or a porte-cochere.  

We are experts in wood stick framing as our parent company A Better Construction Co has been in the framing business for over thirty years and we can provide you with any type of wooden carport or patio design. 

The main differences between metal and wooden canopy structures is that metal allows for longer open spans and requires a much shallower 1/4 inch per ft roof pitch. Most wooden carports structures have at a much sharper roof pitch of least a 3" or 4" inches per 12" inch of roof rise. Wooden canopies require more building materials as wood requires rafters are normally set on a 12",16" or 24" inch on center (OC). The wooden farming components must a covered with a decking and most are covered with a roofing materials such a shingles or even a metal roofing panel. Most wooden canopies are a Cable or Hip roof design and always require more building materials but there is also nothing like the look of wooden canopy frame structure. Today we use a lot metal structural components in building wooden framed structures so we blur the lines between wooden and metal canopy structures all the time. It is not uncommon to build a metal framed structure and clad it with wood trim and shingles.   

Almost anything is possible... 

Some may want more then a carport and want an extensions of there house and its roof line. Some want what is a traditionaly called a Porte Cochere  (pronounced "port-co-SHARE")  It is a short portion of covered driveway or a long extended portico or porch usually located at the front or the side of a house, under which cars can stop while the passengers get out and go into the home. An attached, drive under, covered, high end carport if you will. ABC is in the framing business and we can build almost any type of Porte Cochere canopy structure.  

Types of Carport Canopy Designs

Lean-Too Design

Single Sloped Design

Flat Top Design

Free Standing Design. 

Cantilever, Semi Cantilever and T-frame Designs.

Cable Style Design. 

Portable Carports
  There is a huge difference between a light weight bent metal tubing (fence post) portable carport and a much heavier and stronger structural steel or aluminum permanent with poles in cement piers carport canopy structures. There are too many light weight flimsy under built so called carport structures that are available and sold on the open market today. 

Most of time the portable structures are way over sold over Internet by an out of State provider and almost always installed by "a here today and gone tomorrow out of State sub-contactors installers without a any liability or workman comp insurance that are willing to cut corners. Most of the time the portable canopies are light weight and are anchored by a screw in ground mobile home anchor.

Carport consumers might get confused by the various light weight round and squire bent tubular portable carport structures versa and a permanent structured steel carport structure. One sales slant is to make sure know that there carports are built out of 12 gauge metal. 12" of type of metal? There is a huge difference and no comparison between 12 ga steel "round or squire tubing" structure and a 12 gauge  6,8 10 or 12 inch high Cee or I beam structure. With any type of structure the longer the open spans are the larger the beams may be required.

Most of the local metro cities will not issue a building permits for a portable type of carport structure. If you put one up they can make you take it down. Out in the more rural areas building regulation or code are unregulated but most insurance companies require that all building structures must meet the local building code requirements before paying any damage claims.     

Some tubular carports serves there purposes and some of the more expensive portable structures may meet the local building code requirements but most of the cheaper ones do not. The better built tubular carport structures will offer a design with a lot more reinforced tubing members in the walls and roof and well as a truss type of top canopy frame so they can withstand heavier snow loads but that does stop them from blowing away.Those type of portable structures cost a whole lot more then the ones you see on a street corner for $599 - $799  etc. Most municipalities require that any carport structure be anchored into an approved bell type of concrete pears that meets the local building code requirements.

Almost all of those portable" carport canopies can't even be comparable to any type "permanent type" of carport structure" that meets local and national building code requirements, no matter what the retailer might say or claim. Don't be fooled...

Beware that most portable canopy structures can become a flying UFO during one of our high wind events or a thunder storms and may damage in one form or the other with your hard earned expansive cars, trucks or RV under it or fly down the street and do much more damage to your Nabors property.

Buyers beware of those of those so called "portable" type of carports / barns etc.

A RV / Barn structure that took flight during the El Reno tornado storm that also hit the South sides of OKC and by the Will Rogers Airport. This structure was at SW 89th and the HE Baily turnpike area and ended up as a pile of scrap metal.

Why spend tens or hundreds of thousand on a car, boat or RV only to store it under a $595 flimsy "blow away" portable canopy built out of fence post and flimsy tin? They are called portables as they where originally designed to cover feed hay out in a field from getting wet and move from one place to another. Do you really need to move a carport??? All carport structures should bolted to or in an approved cement pear and most building codes require it. Someone got the bright ideal that those flimsy portables could be sold as a carports so the market got flooded with them. Some of then are better but they are higher priced structures. Most only stand 5ft tall so you might knock your head on them getting out of your car. We have replace a lot of them. I might park me lawn mower under one but not my vehicles, especially in Oklahoma !  

Would you really fell safe about parking your vehicles under a structure that might blow away or even collapse under a server weather condition?   Don't take the risks , 

Beware of what come in a box..

It has been our experience that we can provide a much stronger better looking carport structure option for your hard earned money that will last in the long run. 

I'm hearing from a lot of customers of how the internet sellers are way over promising and under deliver there carport canopy structures. Some customers have waited for long periods of time ( 6 months) to get there products and there still are get nothing but the big runaround. This is because the out of State carport providers want to wait until they can get several installation projects within the region before they can make it attractive enough for any installation contractor to come to the area and install there projects because they pay peanuts. Don't have liability insurance nor any workman's comp insurance. These type of installers are going to be a hurry to get the job done and get onto the next project installation because they get paid by volume installs only. Most don't speak basic English. Go figure what type of installation your going to get....  

Do it right the first time and you won't have to do it again !

Time has proven that a permanent type of carport structures custom built to local and standard building code requirements is the only way to go as they can withstand the test of time. 

Patio Covers
Much like carport canopies patio covers structures are built out of the vary same building materials as a custom carport structure. ABC has all of the latest styles and industry options and we even have a motorized slat canopy tops.See our Patio Cover Section.

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A Better Construction Company (ABC)
 dba Carports of Oklahoma provides all types of custom fabricated permanent type of wood, aluminum, steel and 
translucent canopy structures tailored to meet our customers wants and needs for both residential, commercial and industry installations.

* Note : After numerous inquiries we are compelled to post the following statement. A Better Construction Company (ABC) of Oklahoma City is not, nor never has been affiliate with A Better "Choice" Construction or A Better "Choice" Exteriors in Norman, OK nor it owners.

ABC has been building extraordinary structures for over three decades !
Your vehicles or RVs is something that probably took you a long time to save up for or pay off. In fact, you may still be paying for them, and there would be nothing worse than having it damaged in a hail storm. You want to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape in order to resell it at the highest price possible. If your vehicle is currently stored outside and exposed to the elements, we suggest investigating the possibility of purchasing a custom built carport canopy structure to protect your investment.

Our vehicles are normally the second largest nvestments behind our houses. Get protected from the potential of any type of extreme weather conditions! 

After 1  - 30ft wide X 20ft deep X 8ft high  3" inch Aluminum insulated panel 3-car Carport / Patio structure with the Santa-Fe style pergola trim package built in Deer Creek, OK

After #2

Our carports and shade canopy structures are made from aluminum, steel, wood and poly building materials that are custom fabricated to fits your wants and needs...

Whether you are building from the ground up, refurbishing, rebuilding or adding on, Carports of OK will be right by your with help you complete your desired project. We design, build and carry multiple product lines of various building materials with a broad selection of current styles and designs. There is not one type, one size cookie cutter type of carport installation that will fit all carport applications. Each ands every carport installation is different and unique and stands on it own merits.
That is why every carport application must inspected before we can give you any price.

That is why we have become a leading provider of canopies and awnings within the central region of Oklahoma !

Our carports are used extensively for protection against the weather elements
not only for parking applications and metal building applications, but also for shade solutions like walkways, playgrounds, patio covers and recreational areas.
No two are the same !

Specializes in:
  • Designing, Selling and Installation of custom carports.
  • All Carport, Patio Covers & Accessories
  • Built On-Site Structures
  • Aluminum, Steel and Wood Strictures
  • Exterior Framing

Offering Quality Products & Services to:

  • Residential – Parking & Recreational
  • Auto Dealers
  • Gas Stations
  • Car Washes
  • Banks
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Drive-In Restaurants 
  • Golf Course Driving Ranges
  • Airports
  • Public & Private Parking Facilities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools & Recreational Areas
  • Marinas
  • Medical Facilities
  • Walkway Covers
  • RV Covers
  • Loading Dock Canopies
  • Entryway Covers
  • Chemical Storage Covers
  • Salt Storage Protection 
  • Receiving Dock Covers
  • Fueling Stations
  • Covered Entrances
  • Patio Covers 
  • Walkway Coverings
  • Municipal Equipment
  • Bus & RV Storage
  • Shade Solution

We custom engineer, design and build of our own carports and canopy structures with highest quality of materials that are engineered for long life, easy maintenance, and increased value. Carports of OK has any size of canopy and we can help you with any type of want or needs.

Canopy covers are multi-purpose
 From tea, coffee break areas to casual reading and smoking area, patio and carport canopies have been utilized to afford lounging in open areas. They are also used in commercial are for outdoor storage and to protect equipment which can be attached to your building or be freestanding units. Employees want there assets protected while at work...

Our cars and trucks are important high priced assets that are continuously exposed to our ever changing weather conditions ! 


A two car 20ft wide X 20ft deep X 8 ft tall steel flat pan single sloped designed attached carport in Ivory color with Ivory colored fluted poles and Ivory colored gutter downspouts.
Rolled Formed Canopies W or Flat Pans
A rolled pan type of carport structures have been used for several years. Each canopy cover has several interlocking pans that are lock together to form one large strong canopy structure. Each interlocking pan is formed by using coiled aluminum or steel flat stock material and sending that though a machine with a series of rollers designed to bend the flat stock materials into the formed shapes.

All rolled formed pans are not equal as different manufactures may use there own shapes and designs to form there own unique pan designs.  

Note: The flat stock materials used to form rolled formed pan designs can be of aluminum or a coated steel Galvalume steel materials and can be of different thickness.

You can rely on a proven, quality product from an industry leader in steel or aluminum fabrication. Custom designs are available depending on your project specifications.
Flat Pan Canopy Materials -  Flat stock aluminum or Galvalume coated steel can be custom rolled into a formed pan building material.

These rolled formed pans can be custom formed and have a backed-on finish as well as the strength to give you beauty, durability, and minimal maintenance cost. The multiple canopy pans materials are available in different colors although different manufacturers offer different color options. Your choose of Flat and W pans can be rolled into a 8, 12, 16, or 18 inches wide panels and can have up to 3" inch high locking sides which makes and strong light weight canopy top. Noted there are several different thickness of pan options. 

The thickness of the carport roof "pans" depends on your particular application requirement. The industry thickness for an roof pan is generally between.019" to .048". Most of our rolled formed canopy pans are 12” Flat or W pans and can be cut to lengths up to 40 foot long. Our standard thickness pans we use is .032 Aluminum or .025 for our aluminum pans and our standard 26 gauge Galvalume Steel pans thickness. These thickness work very well with most awnings in Oklahoma as we are subject to damaging hail storms.

Insulated Core Flat Pan Protectors are available.
We can take a 12" wide Steel or Aluminum Flat Pan canopy panel and install a 11 7/8” x 144” notched Styrofoam core insert then cover it with a top panel covering panel to help protect the pans from hail damage or falling tree debris. Within most Flat Pan applications these hail protectors are installed on a new canopy applications as the reach access to some existing pans might require man lift to reach some areas but can be added.

A 20ft wide X 20ft deep X 8 ft tall two tone brown/ Ivory color steel flat pan carport canopy with its built in guttering system and a 4ft X 6ft offset sidewalk cover attached that is installed in Shawnee, OK

Standard Rolled Formed Pan Color Options - 

Standard Rolled Gutter/Fascia Pan Color Options -  

All colors are approximate.

Extruded "G" panel header material which is also used as a built-in drainage systems as well as side fascia - These materials are molded and pressed form to create it's G shape. They are rolled from aluminum or steel coil flat stock. The metal coil is put through a series of rollers to form its finished shape. The thickness of the coil stock used to form the rain gutter - and have manufactured formed corners to match the guttering for fascia trim materials. They are available in same colors as the above pan colors or some customers like to two tone there carports.

W or Twin V Pan Cover -
Our W or Twin V overhead canopy pans feature total aluminum or Galvalume steel construction materials with simple ridge lines and pleasant overhead appearance. The more bends in the flat stock material the stronger the final rolled form pans will be.

A 20ft wide X 20ft deep X 8ft tall 3 inch Insulated panel carport with attached offset walkway cover installed in N, OKC  63rd & May Ave area.

Commercial Carports - We do not only offers residential carports, but we have worked with many commercial & industry customers to provide larger carport systems for apartment complexes, parking structures and other canopy needs. 

A large structured steel carport structure with a multi-rib steel top panels.


Insulated Structural Panels
 (SIPs) or
Laminated Roof Panel (LRP) are made with an foam core. SIP is a high-performance insulation and are used worldwide for many of today’s energy efficient homes. Using these SIPs with our designed components will create a strong, durable  Sunroom, Patio Cover or Carport structure. SIPs is a high performance advanced building system components are for residential, commercial and industry construction applications. The SIP panels consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural metal facings that create a low thermal bridging between the skin of the panels has been used for years within the Sunroom industry. Our Insulated panel structures are built with a interlocking system which ensure a structurally sound canopy system that is engineered to understand the most extreme weather condition. These SIPs are excellent when used within a hail prone areas.

Panels are now available such as:
* 30ga & 24ga aluminum panels
* 26ga steel panels
* OSB wood panels

Panels thickness available in a 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12 inches depending on the project application needs and requirements. The structural load, open spans, and wind load must be taken into consideration of each project design and application.  

Standard Insulated Panel Color Options - 

All colors are approximate.

Standard Perimeter Gutter, Side Fascia, Dripedge Fascia Color Selector.

3 inch Aluminum Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) 20ft wide X 20ft deep X 8ft tall attached carport with the Santa Fe pergola trim.

As more Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) become popular and used more main stream within the construction industry because of its superior energy efficiency and strength advantages.
SIPs are significantly stronger than stick frame construction. The whole panel acts like a structural load bearing panel. The benefits include a whole roof systems that eliminate the need for a truss or standard stick frame system. A SIP roof system is structurally superior to conventional stud framing methods plus you get the added advantage of the built-in insulation which can result into more energy savings or less heat transfer though the SIP or lower thermal bridging.   

The newer heavier gauged Aluminum and Steel cladded SIP's offers the best of the cladding materials that can withstand most of the hail and is considered within the roofing industry as a lifetime (50 yr) roofing material.

We now offer the OSB (ordinary stand broad) cladded SIPs that will allow us to use shingles that can match an existing roof structure. With any comp type of shingled roof structure the heavier roofing products being used in its construction must be taken into consideration and a thicker SIP panel and / or a higher rated and a decider foam SIP panel(s) may be required to handle the higher load requirements. Each SIP panel must be engineered and rated for the purpose it is being used.  

Why not get the ultimate in building product technology and the best of both worlds!

Insulated Roof Panel (SIP) Carports Syst
are the perfect product to provide shade, and give protection from rain, hail, or snow. Insulated canopies not only offer more installation between you and the sun for less heat transfer but they also offer less noise as won't hear as much of that pinging noise during a heavy rain weather event like you might with any steel or aluminum rolled formed structure.

Metal (Aluminum or Steel) SIP panels are available in a standard stucco finish in the above color options. Note that some manufactures may offer additional SIP product colors and finishes. They are available on a special order bases when available. 

T6 Extruded Aluminum Canopies -

Heavy Duty - Commercial Grade-

Extruded Aluminum
Alloy - Carports of OK offers the heavy duty T6061 aluminum extruded covers, as well as more economical W or Flat pan roll-formed covers for any type of project application.  

Works great for taller canopy coverings !

Whether it be commercial parking areas, RV canopy, entrance doors, walkways between buildings, handicapped ramp covers, or break areas, Carport of OK has the right protective cover for your specific needs!

Heavy Duty extruded aluminum canopy are great for Commercial or Industry or even a RV cover application.

Extruded Aluminum Canopy Covers- Carports of OK
offers T6061 T6 extruded aluminum canopy covers for commercial and industrial applications. Custom shapes and finishes are available upon request.

Strongest Aluminum Carports !

Walkway Covers

Extruded T- 6 Cover Applications

  • Walkway Cover
  • Entrance Cover
  • Dock Cover
  • Hospitals Loading Covers 
  • Shopping Centers
  • Bus & RV Covers
  • School Bus Loading Canopy 

Extruded Cover Color Options:

All colors are approximate.

Poles: - Various types of standard and custom type of poles are used within any type of canopy construction. The total size and weight of the canopy must to be considered when you choose the right poles to hold up your canopy structure. Customer might want to choose to use a heavier pole structure to withstand a heavier wind, snow or ice load. This is a important part of any custom built canopy structure that is commonly overlooked.   

3" x 3" - 14g or 11g Steel Tubing - Red Oxide Premièred 
3" x 3" - 14g or 12g Steel Tubing - Galvanized 
3" x 3" - 18g Colored lock seam steel posts – White, Ivory, Bronze, Brown, Gray, Clay, Black  
3” x 3” - .110 Extruded Aluminum posts – White, Ivory, Bronze, Clay
3” x 3” – Fluted Edge Aluminum posts – White, Ivory, Bronze
4” x 4” - .125 Extruded Aluminum posts – White, Ivory, Bronze, Clear Anodized
4" X 4" - 14g or 11g Steel Tubing - Red Oxide Premiered 

There are Numerous & Various type of architectural poles in numerous types shapes and sizes can also be used.  

free standing pre-fabricated 16ft project X 12ft wide single car translucent canopy that can be moved in the future if needed. More canopy types are available.
Translucent - Polycarbonate Carport Structures - Polycarbonate and acrylic is a brilliant roofing solution, and a glass alternative. (a unique nearly unbreakable plastic that resists cracking and splitting and yet is extremely lightweight) Used as a high performance plastic it is suitable for a wide range of applications which require strength, resilience, durability, and clarity.

Double & Triple Ploy Sheet is key to our structural, durable, maintenance-free T-Bar Roof Systems. This isn't the flimsy 6mm or 1/4" product found in many of the big box store offerings. At a full 16mm or 5/8" in thickness, it far outperforms the others in structural capabilities. Add to this it's UV blocking capabilities, it's hail resistance, light diffusing properties and No Drip surface.  The translucent type of carport structures offers protection from the elements and a curved upscale style. The clear translucent panels allow light through but not damaging UV rays.

A patio cover that was installed at the Mid American business park of South - I 240 by Sooner Rd and survived a 6/2013 tornado that took off the metal building roof that it is attached to and just has a couple of minor dings in it top due to hail damage. 

We live in middle of a Hail Core region 
& Tornado ally...

Solar Canopies
- Save Money By Going Green - reduce our personal carbon footprint. 

Solar panels can be applied to your Sunroom, Carport or Patio Cover. Solar energy is a cost-effective way to offset your energy costs while using it on a sunroom, a patio cover, a roof-over or any combination of them. We’re all trying to become more energy efficient, so what better way than to make your own energy? It is possible...

Safety:  - is always a the # 1 top-priority when building any type of structure.

Designing & Engineering Services:  Design & Engineering services and / or architectural drawings are additional professional services. If you have a need these type of services to be provided we have third party sources that can provide these services with additional fees that will apply.

Code Requirements -  If you are investing in a permanent steel carport structure, you will likely need to obtain a building permit from your county and/or municipality. This typically involves providing your county or municipality's permitting office with your building plans, which will then be checked against local codes It is up the customer to do there research and to make sure that we are aware of any type of project requirements or specifications during the design stage of the structure. Note there are some newer and updated building code requirements within some cities that require the use of more, heavier and larger beams. Some customer want to go above the minimum building code requirements and built a heavier structure.    

Building Permits If you are investing in a permanent steel carport structure, you will likely need to obtain a building permit from your county and/or municipality. This typically involves providing your county or municipality's permitting office with your building plans, which will then be checked against local codes A building Permits may or may not be required with any structure depending on your local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ). Quotes do not include building permit application fees unless other wise written within your bid quote and are considered to be an additional service. some customer supply there own building permits to save money. Each AHJ may have there own set of rules and regulations and that can very greatly from one jurisdiction to another and are subjected to changes without notice so it is impossible to keep up with it all different codes. The customer has the responsibility to get informed to want is required within there own jurisdictions. ABC may use a third party building permit expeditor service with additional service fees may is used to provide obtain these building permits for us.     

Estimates & Pricing - We custom build all types of  various types of carports out of various different building materials. There isn't a one size, style or cookie cutter type of canopies that fits all type of applications. As a matter of fact there are no two canopies just alike. There are several different types of building materials thickness, gauges and numerous other options that may dramatically effect a projects overall costs of installing a canopy structure. There is no way we can give a price over the phone without looking at the site first and knowing what the customer is wanting to build before any bid can be giving. We don't fly blind and just throw out low ball prices. Most options are covered within the first visit then we all have a clear understanding of how the project is to built then we would be able to give an project estimate. We must first visit any project site in advance before giving any type estimates. We can not give an estimate over the phone. We hope you understand!

From mild to wild and anything in between !

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