​​Things to consider before building a carport:  

1 - Budget -budget has everything to what type of carport structure anyone can build.  

2 - Type -  Engineered or Non-engineered structure. Permeate or Portable structure.  

3 - Size - What size of structure? 1-car, 2-car or larger

4 - Type -Attached to a structure or stand-a-lone type of structure. 

5 - Design - Single slopped design - Cable or Hip roof -

6 - Plan - Types of building products to be used? 

7 - Requirement - Local building code & specifications.    

8 - Building permits - May or may not be required depending on your local authorities.  

9 - ​Local community / deed restrictions - Are carports allowed in your community?  

10 - Other professional services needed - Engineering / Architectural / Blueprints other trade services; Concrete, Roofing, Painting, Electrical   

11 - Additional service fees - Tearing down an existing structure? Building permit serv charges- Haul off and /or dump fees, add'l trash receptacle needed on site?

​12 - Product delivery - Who is to deliver the building products to the site? 

13 - Product warranty -  How long and what is covered?

​14 - Product availabilities and product origin? - Who makes the building products and where are they coming from?  Local or out of State - It is important to know on custom building products 

​15 - Product shipping charges - Special ordered products? 

​16 - Builder Qualifications - Are the builder qualified to build your project? 

17 - Bid forms requirements - Type of documents that are required - Spec sheets 

18 - Estimated building timelines - The key word here is an estimated timeline. How long does it take to get on the project and how long on the site?  Suite build start and end times?

19 - Agreement and terms of the agreement = Payment / down payment / progress payments.

​Final Payments

​20 - Building products lien weaver - The customers has a the right to ask for a product lien weaver after the products have been installed. Lean weavers can supplied after the customers final payment has had reasonable time to clear the Bank (ie 10 days)  This document can also be used as a transfer of title and ownership of building materials. A final payment check also can show a transfer of title if no leans has been made on the building products or the customer property.   

We guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project that we take on. We are uniquely qualified, trained and experienced professional builder / contractor that has been building extraordairy structures for over three decades and still going!




Market watch - Industry News: The U.S. manufacturing economy is improving, and the Trump administration is considering possible tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. As a result, product prices are climbing, and that likely will remain the case in the near term.

Construction weather delays - Unfortunately weather conditions can affect construction projects in a number of different ways. Wet and snowy weather, high winds as well as extreme cold and heat conditions and muddy site condition can cause problems with any project and delay the construction process or play havoc on our best laid estimated plans. We just have to try work though them and work towards all project resolutions within a reason. When the weather warms up to higher temperature's we have to start earlier, slow down and take frequent breaks or just get out of the heat altogether.  We never know what the weather conditions is going to bring us working out in the field.       

Got Hail?  Is your vehicle sizzling hot and baking its finish off? Tried of running for cover every time a storm is coming?

Did you get a newer vehicle or RV?Is your garage full of your stuff? Is all types of stuff falling from the trees? Need an upgrade? Don't wait until it is too late!  

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​Each and every municipalities is completely different on what they require to build any type of structure. Some municipalities have got more involved and they have enacted newer and stronger structure building codes to allow for increase in the structure load requirements.

There are always two parts to any canopy structure

1. Is the canopy top or covering building components.

2. Is the canopy understructure building components that is what does all of the heavy lifting on any one structure.

When your ready to build and it is go time then let us know so we can get together and talk about your canopy structures and what your different options might be when building your carport or canopy cover structure.

We are specialty metal (steel & aluminum) builder contactors that builds all types of custom canopy covers: patio cover, pergolas, porta-coheres, portico, window, door and porch awnings, carports, RV & boat covers, overhead dock covers, entryway covers, walkway covers, screen room and sunrooms stepdown awnings, store front covers, decks, balconies, verandas, louvers, rolling and zip awnings, and wind /privacy walls and metal roof panels, mobile home roof over systems as other architecture structures for any type of residential, commercial or industrial application.  

We use rolled formed steel or a thick extruded aluminum C and I beams to build any one canopy under frame structure. Extruded aluminum is heated aluminum pushed through a press/die to form its final shape. The larger the building framing components the higher the wind and the structure loads the structure can withstand. Any building codes are only a minimum building code requirement but the customer may want to build to a higher building standard.



Hey carport man !

Services -​A Better Construction Company (ABC) based in Oklahoma City excels in all levels of building and remodeling services. We offer start-to-finish solutions for every project. We are skilled framers and specialty contractor / builder by trade and we have a passion for building all types of quality structures. We specialize in all forms of stick (wood) and metal (steel / aluminum) framing services. Today we have also expanded into light gauge framing (LGF) and the structural insulated panels (SIP) framing trades.  With any structure, "It all starts with the frame" 

Good wind and seismic performance engineering is extremely important to all carport design !

High Quality ​​Custom Built Carport Canopies Structures

 Be prepared and protect you vehicle investment(s), Don't let Mother Nature damage or even wreak your vehicle(s) value. In the worse case our saver weather can turn your vehicle value to nothing more then salvage or a junk titled vehicle. Ever tried to sell a salvage vehicle? Most insurance companies will not insure them at all and most dealers won't give nothing but scrape value for them.  

What would you like your new structure to look like ?

Carport canopies are much like patio covers and are used for several different purposes  Like sidewalk, entryway and store front covers. They also can have various different covering or roofing and understructure designs and building components.  

Carports of Oklahoma offers real carport canopy solutions for year round protection from snow and ice during winter season and from rain and hail damage during spring season. Also from the harmful sun's rays and the sizzling hot heat during summer season as well as from the all of the stuff that can fall from the trees in the fall season that can damage or ruin your vehicles finish.

Get year round protection!

Additional service fees are bid on as needed bases: 

Other professional services such as architectural or engineering services, other trade professionals, building permit applications and research / discovery fees are bid on a as needed bases. Additional services such as removal of existing structure and/or dumpster fees and haul off fees, disposal fees may need to be added to any bid proposal on as needed bases with additional fees or service charges. Let us know what your needs may or may not be for

your next project.   

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There are always two parts to any canopy structure:

1. Is the canopy top, roof or covering building components.
2. Is the canopy understructure building components that is what does

all of the heavy lifting on any one structure. 

​Carports of Oklahoma

by A Better Construction Co