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$ 2,795.00 for a basic standard installation included. 

Carports of Oklahoma is offering for a limited time a Ga​lvanized protected Steel 20 ft wide x 20 ft projection x up to 8 ft high attached

6" inch 14 gauged C- beam full boxedframe basic carport package with installation provided. This included the heavy duty strong 26 gauged steel low rid top canopy panels of the color of your choosing ( see color chart below) along with the 20ft wide bent eve trim front covering and the 2-side rake trim covering panels along. Package includes four - 3" x 3" factory painted rolled formed lock seam steel painted poles to be set into cement pear. Very strong carport package without having to paint anything.  ​Local building permits may be required can be provided with additional service costs and services.    

Enjoy your patio! Let the cool breeze in and keep the bugs, bees mosquitos out.

Don't get the West Nile or Zika Virus. 

Galvanization is a form of a steel corrosion protection system. Galvanization is a additional finished process of coating of iron and steel with zinc that the premiered red steel has not went though yet, which alloys with the surface of the base metal when immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 840 °F (449 °C). When exposed to the atmosphere, the pure zinc (Zn) reacts with oxygen (O2) to form zinc oxide (ZnO), which further reacts with carbon dioxide (CO2) to form zinc carbonate (ZnCO3), a usually a brute silver grey, fairly strong material that protects the steel underneath from further corrosion in many circumstances.  Like other corrosion protection systems, galvanizing protects steel by acting as a barrier between steel and the atmosphere. However, zinc is a more electropositive (active) metal in comparison to steel. This is a unique characteristic for galvanizing, which means that when a galvanized coating is damaged and steel is exposed to the atmosphere, zinc can continue to protect steel.

Carports of Oklahoma
by A Better Construction Co 

Why use Galvanizedsteel ?

The premiered coated steel materials just doesn't cut it over time and the surface will rust and most certainly comes though any surface coatings. Then you got a huge RUSTING eye sore that needs to be sanded down before any re-coating with a premium rust preventing surface coating. Or you can try to keep painting over the rust but it is going to come back time and time again.  

Lets face it the premiered red steel or red iron with a full boxed frame is very strong carport canopy but the metal has not been protected. I have built may red steel projects in my time and the end user always say that they will paint them and very few of them have gotten around to doing that task. Then they turn into a rusting huge hulk of a mess that is when your neighbors may want to throw rocks at you for building an eye sour. Do your leg work and research. Their is a better way!  Lets face it some of the red steel beams has already started to rust when we go purchase the building materials from and sales yard and before the installation take place. Most of the time and because of the red steel beam are stored within a outdoor storage environment the red steel beams are coated with a thick coat of oil to keep them from rusting while being stored in the yard. If you don't paint the red steel beams before the installation take place and the top canopy cover is installed you will have rust running all down into your painted surface like within the picture below.   

The above two carports are the very same 20 ft x 20ft x approx. 8 ft tall in a single slopped designed C-beam carport canopies. The one on the left was build using RED Steel and then the beams was eventually painted to keep them from rusting. But you can see the rusting of the top of the beams that wasn't painted before assembly and the rust on top of the C beams is now running down into the painted surface. The galvanized C beam steel does not need painting and the steel is fully coated and protected all the way around each piece.  A lot of people will say I will just paint the beams myself but you really don't save anything but the time you buy the paint and do the work of painting when you should of purchased a galvanized carport canopy in the first place. If your going to pay for it then why not own it!  A unprotected red steel carport is a rust bucket waiting to happen and requires a whole lot more maintenance=painting. 

Enjoy the outdoors without the insects and bugs-Being outdoors is an enjoyable experience until you start dealing with all of the insects and bugs that come out during the day and at night. Having a porch that is enclosed will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with the bugs and insects. Spend quality family time - An enclosed porch allows you and your family to spend quality time together playing games or eating dinner together. There are a lot of different things your family can enjoy together on your enclosed porch.  Entertain friends and family - Your friends and family members can use it for a place to get together and enjoy the outdoors. Have a small get together on your porch and you will be amazed at how much everyone enjoys it.  Spend quiet time - If you like to read or even nap outdoors, then the enclosed porch gives you a way to do that easily. You can spend as much quiet time as you can manage to get on your porch to help you relax and unwind. In fact, it can act as a sleeping porch for you.  Safe place for kids to play - If you have kids, then letting them play on the porch is great for rainy days and inclement weather. Toddlers enjoy playing on the porch, too. Adds value and curb appeal - Most people do not realize that a porch that is enclosed adds value to their home and also adds  wonderful curb appeal. Very helpful when your home goes on the market. Now that you know the benefits of having a screened porch, you can see why they are popular with so many different people. You can now also make a smart decision for your own home on whether to add porch enclosures or not. Having an enclosed porch definitely provides you with many enjoyable benefits.

Solar Screen Room & Screen Walls- we have a limited amount materials are available in bronze color only. Do you have a patio or a porch area that you would like to have screened?  Do you want to keep the mosquitos out? We can frame to your specifications with or without the solid aluminum coil kick plates at the buttom and or the top of the structure. These materials are used for screening of all type of patio, porch, pavilion, pools, screen rooms or existing patio covers and even spa pools areas. It can also give a sort of security or protection for that area. You can crate a bug free with these aluminum framing and screening materials to keep the bugs, bees, mosquito's and the leafs out of the area. We also can supply the screen door(s) and or any types of overhead canopy if needed for a complete solar screened structure. These building materials normally are in a bronze color at this sales price but are available in a white or ivory color as well. Each structure is a unique application and we can build to the customers wants and needs. Just let us know what you would like to have built and we can put together a bid for your application.    

Carports of Oklahoma offers real carport solutions for year round protection from snow and ice during winter season,  from rain and hail damage during spring season. from the harmful sun's rays and the sizzling hot heat during summer season, from the all the stuff that can fall from the trees in the fall season that can damage your vehicles finish.  Get year round protection!

Steel structural framing offers many benefits over wood framing, including:
- consistent dimensions, resulting in straighter and stronger walls and floors
- superior strength, allowing for longer floor spans and taller walls
- noncombustible assemblies
- galvanized coating (no shrinking, warping, rotting, splitting or termite damage)
- knockouts (utility holes) to ease installation of pipe and conduit
- light-weight, reducing handling cost and fatigue

Green Friendly
Our framing products are manufactured from recycled, galvanized steel,
which can help you achieve LEED certification. 

​​​​​​​When steel is exposed to a outdoor weather environment it has zinc properties that will start to rust if they are not painted or coated. The unprotected steel works great in a covered indoor application such as in a closed metal building application but when used in a unprotected outdoor application the steel needs to coated or painted and protected or it is going to rust.

This or That ?